More about Super visa insurance cost

Super visa insurance is a new concept that came into along with the super visa. Super Visa insurance is no different from Visitor to Canada medical insurance, both are the same. Super visa insurance features premium amount, coverage amount, primary and secondary benefits and refund policy, etc. If you are looking for the best super visa insurance provider, visitor Assurance is the best visa provider. They are committed to providing you the lowest possible super visa insurance cost with the best protection to your parents and grandparents.

Not every person is eligible for a super visa. Only the parents and grandparents of citizens and permanent residents of Canada are suitable for a super visa. Apart from this, officers also consider the applicant’s ties with his/her home country, according to the purpose of the visit and his and his family’s financial condition.

Super Visa has come in November 2011 in Canada with an only aim to provide the visa to Parents and Grand Parents of Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens under the family reunion program.

The second thing is that this new super visa scheme will offer a temporary visa valid for ten years to parents and grandparents.

The third thing is that a holder of a super visa can stay in Canada for a maximum period of two years without renewing their passport.

Qualification criteria’s for the Super Visa

  1. You should be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian native or a lasting occupant of Canada.
  2. You are permitted to enter Canada
  3. You should be a genuine guest to Canada who will leave by decision toward the part of the bargain
  4. You should demonstrate that your youngster or grandkid in Canada meets a base salary edge
  5. You are required to submit composed proclamation from that kid or grandkid that the individual in question will give you money related help
  6. You have to experience migration therapeutic assessment
  7. Buy private therapeutic protection for one year from a Canadian organization for at any rate $100,000 inclusion.

One of the most important things for the super visa is the medical and health insurance bought from a private Canadian insurance company, it should give coverage of $100,000 and should be effective for one year the insurance should provide coverage for health care, hospitalization and return of the person to the place of origin and even the remains of the person in case of death, and if you do not have insurance that is denied whereas for a visitor’s visa there is no such obligation of insurance.

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